Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday 8:20am – 4:00pm

Thursday 9 – 3:30pm

Friday 8:20am – 3:00pm

Note: These hours are subject to change.


Monday to Friday 8:20am – 4:00pm


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Western Ultrasound for Women is a private provider of obstetric and gynaecological imaging. Our medical receptionists will provide you with information regarding costs when you book.

We require you to settle your account in full on the day of your scan. We have EFTPOS facilities, and also accept Visa, Mastercard and cash.

As an Australian resident, with a valid referral from your doctor, you will be eligible for a rebate from Medicare Australia. Please click here for more information.

Young Children

We ask that you consider not bringing children under 6 years of age to the practice, as most children of this age find the experience boring. If it is unavoidable to find care for your children then an accompanying adult should be present. Please be aware that the adult will be asked to leave the room with the child if the child becomes unsettled.

If you are coming for a procedure (amniocentesis/ CVS) children are not permitted in the ultrasound room.

Note that it is also a requirement by the medical indemnity group, MDA National, that young children under 6 years are not permitted in the scanning rooms, as they tend to be distracting for the sonographer.

What to Expect of a Scan

All patients will get personalized service from our practice from time of booking to when the scan is finished. You will be asked to have your bladder partially full when you come to the practice. Sometimes, an internal scan will be performed. Images of your scan can be sent via a secure link to your mobile. It is advisable to download the images within a timely manner as the link is only available for 90 days.